Monday, 16 December 2013

A Christmas Present for Our Readers. Flower Pattern Episode 1

Here is a very simple pattern to make a flower with eight petals (But this might change in the next exciting episode)

Fig 1
fig 2

fig 4

 This is just to show how thick the yarn is but as you will see any thickness will do. The hook for this yarn is a 10mm one but it is not really critical.
1. Make a magic circle note that the long end of the yarn is over the short end. (fig 1)

2. Put the hook through the ring and pick up the long end of the yarn. Pull it through the circle (fig 2) hold the point where the long and short yarns cross while you are doing this
3. Pick up the long end of yarn again and pull it through the loop on the hook. Pull this tight  - it should hold the magic circle tight. fig 3

4. Put the hook through the magic circle again ( underneath both pieces of yarn). Pick up the long yarn and pull a loop through the circle.(fig 4) Yarn over the hook and pull through both the loops on the hook. This is a double crochet.

5. Do this 7 more times so that you have a total of eight double crochets in the magic circle. Fig 5

6. Join with a slip stitch to the first double crochet.

7. ( Work 5 chain stitches. fig 6 ss into the next double crochet.) Repeat the stuff in brackets six more times and then chain 5 and ss into the ss at the base of the first five chain. You should now have eight petals.fig 7.Fasten off.

8. This will work with any thickness yarn provided thay you choose a size of hook to suit. In fig 8 the little flowers are made to exactly the same pattern but using double knitting and a 3mm hook.

For the experienced crocheter:
Make a mc.
Work 8 dc into the mc.
join with a ss to the starting dc
(ch5 ss into next dc) repeat 7 times more all the way round
fasten off

fig 5
fig 6

fig 7
fig 8
In the next blog I will show you how to make these simple flowers into an accessory that you can change to suit your outfit or the weather.
 You can see that I have not done much crochet this week but I am pleased with the idea I have started here. I suspect that these blogs may become a bit sparse as Christmas approaches. Tomorrow is wrapping and last minute deliveries of crochet to customers. Wednesday is preparing a room for my Dad to sleep in, Thursday is food shopping, Friday is baking - anyway you get the idea, I am very busy from now on but I promise to show you the next exciting episode of the readers present

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