Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A Little grey dog and some wash cloths

I like all animals but deep down I am a dog person. So I decided I could indulge myself by making another little dog from the Ami Ami Dogs book by Mitsuki Hoshi.

Isn't he lovely. I am getting used to the diagram type patterns so I am getting quicker at the crocheting. The only trouble is that the sewing together and finishing off still take a long time. I didn't mean to sew him together with his head on oneside, but I am glad I did it really reminds me of the expression one of our dogs had when he was really listening.

I got some grey cotton yarn out of my hoard to make the dog and noticed some of the lovely soft cotton yarn that I bought when we went to Fibre Fest, so of course when I had finished the dog (yes I did finish it) I had to use some of the cotton.

In the olden days these would have been called flannels but they are now wash cloths I think. They could be used in the kitchen as a dish cloth or in the bathroom. They are all made from beautiful soft cotton dk except the peach one - it is still dk cotton but it has a harsher feel - good if you want to exfoliate perhaps?

How to make them: using a 4 mm hook (or whatever size that you need to make a fairly firm fabric),
Chain 43. turn
Row 1:work 1 tr in third ch from hook and then 1tr in each chain all the way across. Turn
Row 2: ch3 1 tr in each stitch all the way across.
Then repeat row 2 until your work is roughly square.
Work a row of dc. all the way round the edge: 1 dc in each tr across top and bottom and 2 dc in each row of trebles as you work up the sides. Remember to work 3 dc in each corner.
The scalloped edge is achieved by: 3 ch to count as 1tr then 3 more tr in the same stitch (miss 1 stitch 1dc in next st miss one stitch 4 tr in the next) The stuff in brackets is repeated all the way round with only the slight complication of the corners where you should work two repeats of the brackets but without missing any stitches. Weave in ends and press.

I know the pattern is brief but if you have any questions please get in touch.

As with everything I do there is a complication. I so like the wash cloths that I now have to go and buy some more of the cotton in other colours. So actually the stash does not get any smaller, in fact with the scraps that will be left over (that I can't bear to throw away ) it will get even bigger. Still look on the bright side, if the central heating breaks this winter I will have plenty of yarn to build into a fully insulated nest.

I forgot to say that I have discovered something that is inspired by crochet, Look here and go back to your child hood and have fun, but don't go over the lines.

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