Friday, 6 September 2013

Thinking Stockings and Stiffening Stars

I am supposed to be packing to go away tomorrow. So I was trying to decide which crocheting to take with me and got side tracked with more stockings.

 I have changed the shape of the middle one to give a more rounded heel, but the fluffy/sparkly edging doesn't give such a neat finish. I am also wondering if I should decorate both sides so that they can be viewed from either direction when hung up. The next ones are going to be green with gold edges and little golden jingle bells. I just thought will green stockings become completely invisible against a green tree?

Another job I have promised myself that I will do as I go along, is stiffening and blocking all the snowflakes we make. Otherwise we have approximately eight million to do ten minutes before the show (you think I am exaggerating). I really thought I had cracked this problem when I found a tin of spray on sparkly varnish, however it turns out not to be completely transparent and changes the colour of the cotton and the work surface in my kitchen now sparkles nicely. Grey snowflakes are particularly unattractive I think. So it is back to the old fashioned method.

I have used a thick piece of polystyrene and photocopied the guide lines. These are placed on the polystyrene before it is covered in cling film - how did we ever manage to live without cling film? I pin out the snowflakes and then paint on the stiffener with a child's paint brush and finally sprinkle on the glitter.
I know some people soak the piece in the stiffener first but I find this a bit less messy.

Finally my current fabric stiffener is really called 'Stiffy' is this allowed?

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