Thursday, 5 September 2013

Stockings, wreaths and really tiny booties.

Do you know until I started this blog with Vicky I had never tried one before. So at age nearly 64 and three quarters I was a blog virgin, but I have really enjoyed writing about my crochet days. I know there are not too many people who read this , although the numbers are rising, I also know that when it comes to writing style I do not have Vicky's skills (if you haven't read her contribution to the granny square debate then look at it now) but it has given me a  record of the things I like to do and of my successes and failures!
So today and yesterday:

I decided that we needed one new thing to add to our Christmas range and experience has shown that small things sell well and are easier to transport of course. So what could be Christmasier(new word added to english language I think) than stockings. My first experiment was the one on the left and I am quite proud of being able to turn the heel but it was a bit bigger than I wanted and I don't think I could adapt the idea to a smaller sock. So several experiments later I hit on the one on the left. After crocheting it together and adding a couple of buttons this is the first finished one.

Nice and roomy for a small gift or some sweets and very easy to make. Doesn't it look incongruous next to a passion flower? So now I am going to make at least nine more with different decorations.
Pattern: using dk and a 3mm hook ch 20 work 13 rows of dc straight. next row turn work only 10dc. Then working only on these stitches, decrease one stitch at the start of each row until you have 5 stitches left. Fasten off. Make another one exactly the same and then sew or crochet the two together. .

I also came across a large curtain ring which I have converted into a Christmas wreath

And I have made 14 pairs of baby booties small enough to fit through an opening about half an inch wide. Honestly I really have.

There are pink ines and blue ones as well. Our very good customer is selling really cute "Messages in Bottles" so look out for them at your local craft fairs or visit her FB page here.

I am going to have an evening of finishing things off because we are going away to Cornwall for a few days.
Speak to you soon.

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