Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Stars, Trees and Upcycling

I am never quite sure whether what I have been doing over the past few days is upcycling or recycling or maybe even bicycling. No I am sure I would know about the last one.

 I am a big fan of charity shops and on a recent visit I found 5 old lamp shades. When I got them home I removed as much of the fabric as possible and then soaked them. This was to remove the rings that now support these stars. The ring is about 6 inches across. the yarn was that sort of dk with an inbuilt sparkle and I used a 2.5mm hook. The stars/snowflakes and the grapes look strange together don't you think?

 Here are two cones that are used to wind yarn. First I covered them using a strand of green and a strand of gold. Now I am decorating them, as you can see this one is using buttons the next one will be using beads I think. Incidentally the beads are upcycled too - from old jewelery that I have cut up.

Then there are yoghurt pots ( these are vitality bio yoghurt drink by Muller) . They have been covered in Twilleys Gold Fingering to give them sparkle. I have made a tie on lid from the same yarn. They can be filled with sweets or small gifts for hanging on the christmas tree. The other thing I notice is how like the human form they are (speak for yourself I hear you cry) so wouldn't they make great snowmen if you covered them using white yarn and made a black lid or how about father christmas covered in red etc.

I do love it when I can use things a second time for some completely new purpose, I wonder am I saving the planet or am I just a cheap skate?

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