Thursday, 26 September 2013

Setting up your Stall. a Forest and Wikipedia

Bought my new copy of Craft Seller today and made lots of resolutions about "group as single items as well as sets", "label and price everything", "practice setting up your stall in advance" and much more.
Here are some of our practice before the event tries:

This is our attempt at cristmas - in a bedroom on an old pasting table. Notice the crochet wall hanging - it is hanging straight but the house is at an angle.

This is just a general stall that took place near to mothers day, hence the potted plants and cup cakes.
Then below is the real thing held in a primary school. The date was somewhere near Easter.

I love the Craftsellers magazine and really enjoy its advice and the experiences of others -especially those who make a good living selling their craft. But the trouble with practising indoors is that you do not have to put up a gazeebo outdoors in the rain or worse in the wind. The other thing is that you don't know how much space you will have ( we went to one craft fair where there was not enough room for the people to pass each other since the gangways were so narrow). You don't know if you
will be up against a wall or out in the open. What I am trying to say is that although practice is useful the best thing you can do is arrive as early as possible and be prepared to change your plans if necessary. Always take gaffer tape, pegs and blutac. (and if at all possible take Vicky who has a really good eye for making things look attractive.)

Another thing that the magazine suggested was looking at other peoples blogs and while I was doing that I came across this link. Now who would have believed that Wikipedia could be so inspiring and useful to a crocheter? I am really amazed by the virtual Museum and the antique pattern library links, but there is so much stuff there that everybody should find something of interest or something that is useful.

My own crocheting has become a forest over the last few days:

This is my favourite

This is Vicky's I think.

Tonight I am going to make some more cosies for those lovely golden chocolates that you get at the ambassadors reception. As you would expect I had to buy some chocolates to make sure the crocheting fits at least I am fooling myself that that is why I bought them.

This is something I find really stressful.  I worry and worry about how the stall looks but there never seems to be time to worry about that AND make enough stock before the fairs.  I have more pictures of stalls.  I'd love to hear your criticisms and advice - Victoria x

PS that horrible purple tree isn't my favourite.  There was a gorgeous fluffy red and gold one last year - that was my favourite.  Don't listen to my mother :)

This was our first attempt at a stall in Maidenhead

Christmas Last Year
Mum at Christmas last year

Two from our latest fair this summer - Some of our shelves had fallen in the wind and broken so there is some chaos!

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