Saturday, 21 September 2013

Old/New Patterns and A Family of Snowmen

The Sue Ryder Home, quite near to where we live, has a regular sale of donated goods. Graham and I went to look today and I am afraid the craft stall got the better of me. (Although I did resist the yarn - well nearly). I am now the proud owner of a pair of pinking shears, a patchwork cushion kit and of all things a crochet kit. But best of all I found about 20 Stitchcraft magazines from the seventies,which are full of knitting and crochet patterns. Here are some examples of the crochet.

There are lots like this, cardigans and jumpers for the whole family

A pattern for curtains as an example of the home beautiful section.

Some really lovely things - I am going to try the butterfly brooch.

If you are of a certain age you will remember having a knitted swim suit. You will also remember coming practically naked out of the water because the yarn absorbed immense amounts of water, which was so heavy that it made the garment stretch - well you get the idea.
I just hope these were only for sunbathing but I bet that todays yarns would work well for this pattern so that swimming would not end up with you being arrested for indecent exposure.

There are lots more. I noticed both knitting and crochet patterns for covered coat hangers, which seem to be very fashionable at the moment. It just proves that learning to crochet will always be useful and up to date.

As far as my crochet is concerned I have made more cats and these.

I wish I could claim I set out to make a family of snowmen but in truth they are all different sizes because I was making them up as I went along and kept forgetting exactly how many stitches, decreases and increases etc. that I did last time. Mind you it is interesting how some of the children look like their mum and some like their dad!

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