Monday, 16 September 2013

Mostly Flowers and a Cup Cake

I have made 11 Christmas puddings and I need a break so I tried a new way of making a Christmas wreath.

This is another one of those plastic rings I found on e-bay, a few crocheted leaves snd flowers, all of which are tied on to be glued later and a bit of gold ribbon. It is about 7 inches in diameter and almost entirely double knitting. Oh I forgot the two brown buttons which are the centres of the two cream flowers.

So then In a complete change of mood and style I made a childrens film inspired beanie. Is it completely sexist to say it is pink so that the girls can join in?

I also got to thinking about the cones from the centre of yarn, after talking about it last time and I remembered some more things I have made with them.

These are very similar uses; the cup cake is the wider top part of the cone and the flower pot is a narrower section which have been cut from a crdboard cone using the bread knife. Once you can do these you can decorate your cakes as you like and fill your flower pots with all kinds of flowers. They make lovely presents especially if you give a spring flower in winter and a completely calory free cake to anyone worrying about their waistline. Tip: if you do one of these use yarn with some give in it so you can stretch it over the cardboard cone to give a neat and smooth finish.
The taller flowers are stiffened with wire or pipe cleaners.

It is funny how your memory works, I have just reread this and noticed that I forgot about the buttons that are in the photograph right in front of me but I remembered that I had photographs of cup cakes and flower pots that I did at least a year ago. I often ask Vicky how come you can remember that you have forgotten something but you can't remember what it is???????

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