Monday, 30 September 2013

Hearts, Halloween and a Hairy Tree.

I am still half way between Christmas and Halloween. So today I have been completing my set of Halloween pencil toppers.

I am now reasonably happy with the set but skull is still a bit friendly.

I think I must have got a bit confused yesterday when I made these hearts, I was thinking that they could hang on the tree or on a bag or phone but they would have probably have been more appropriate for Valentines day. They are all made from the same pattern but with different size yarn and a hook to match. The thing I really like about these is that if you play your cards right you only have one end to weave in when you finish..

Finally there is this tree. I am hoping that Vicky likes this one. Once again made by covering a cone from the inside of knitting yarn. I start from the top and slowly increase. The way I get it to fit is by trying it on the cone every few rows and making sure it is well stretched. So when it is about half an inch from the bottom I decrease rapidly with the crocheting on the cone. This means the crocheting is held onto the cone.
By the way the holly is a festive brooch and does not really belong on the top of the tree.

Now I am going to put my head on the Christmas track and make puddings

I do like that one better - although I think it needs a sparkling star rather than a lump of holly.  It would look brilliant as a table centre.  Victoria x

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