Friday, 13 September 2013

Christmas in the Work House.

You know how crafters talk about their work room and how you see pictures of lovely colourful spaces in crochet magazines, well as usual I am different, I have a work house. That is not something out of a Dickensian novel, it is just that every room in our house has something to do with my crochet in it. For example this is the current state of the dining room.

I am trying to stiffen snowflakes, stars, bells and angels. The angels reminded me of two things : one is that these little angels are made from two granny squares and a ball (granny squares are really useful) and two the usefulness of the cones that yarn is wound on. I have used them for hat stands on our stall, I have made them into christmas trees and used them like a flower vase for our head bands. Above I am using them as a conical shape for the angels to dry on and below are cones used as hat stands. Perhaps we could start a thing like we did with granny squares but with cones.

I have also made owls and christmas puddings

I really like the little cross eyed one on the right.

Speaking of owls I defy you to look here and not fall in love!

I know you will find it hard to believe but the only room in our house without something in it to do with crochet is what we call the box room and the only reason I have not yet taken over here as well is that we are decorating. I wonder if we could prevent world domination  by telling the aliens  that we are just decorating the Earth?

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