Saturday, 28 September 2013

Chocolate cosies and granny square stockings.

Not much crochet today as I had several assistants;

These are Ferrero Rocher cosies but Ben and Danny were not fooled and quickly found the chocolate.
They are made in 4 ply yarn and are very quick to make until you come to the leaves and beads which are quite fiddly to do. The leaves are a strand of green 4ply and a strand of green metallic, the berries are little tiny crystal beads. I do have a pattern for these if anyone is interested.

The second thing today is by way of a question: I have seen little Christmas socks made from a slightly altered granny square so I did an experiment and this is the result.

Fold this to make this

It looks like someone with huge feet, wearing ice skates. I shall keep trying but the question is does anyone know where I can find the pattern? Or can anyone tell me how to do it? PLEASE.

I notice I didn't get any chocolate!!  Victoria x

But you did get fudge!

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  1. Hi Do you have the Christmas pudding chocolate covers pattern available please