Friday, 9 August 2013

Stall, car and little things.

Last day before the stall. lots of little things to finish. Such as:

We make lots of alice bands and hair bands in navy, green and maroon so that they are suitable for school but it is the school holidays so I decided  to make some which are pretty and sparkly. They are mainly pink but they have flowers with buttons and beads to make them really attractive. The above is not a very good photograph as it doesn't show the detail of the flowers very well but I really wanted to introduce you to my new model. Do you remember girls world? She was dicovered in the toy tent at the Hurst Horse Show - really good place to sell your crafts by the way.

I have also made a few of these bag or phone charms with tiny little bees complete with a sting and antennae, they even have a flower to pollinate.

Any way back to packing the car - it is only a little Ford Fusion but when I see what we unpack from it, when we get to a venue, I think it should be called the Ford TARDIS.

My top tip for outdoor craft stalls: take weights such as stones covered in crochet and very strong spring clamps ( I steal them from Grahams garage ) or pegs. There is nothing more annoying than setting up your stall with things blowing away while you do it - although I have a sneaking suspicion that other stall holders find it more amusing than the telly.

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