Saturday, 24 August 2013

Finger Puppets and A Mandalla.

I am going to a naming ceremony tomorrow. The children who are the focus of this are aged two and a half and 4 months. I bought some finger puppets for the older child and then made this to keep them in.

The bag is a way of tidying away and keeping the puppets together. But you can put it on your hand and push the puppets through the slots so it is like a very small puppet theatre too. If I had more time today I would make flaps in the form of different coloured flowers to cover the slots. And I suppose a true crochet addict would make the puppets too. Well next time

Yesterday I tried to make another mandalla but it seems to have gravity problems so I will try tightening it up when I have finished the chair arm covers. I am pleased with the colours that I used on this one.

When I write these things I notice how often I say I will finish that later but before I do , finish it that is, something else grabs my imagination and I am left with another part completed project. When Vicky and I went to the Knit and Stitch Show last year there was a huge installation made entirely from part finished things that people had donated. Well today I booked us tickets for this years show so I am packing a rucksack with some of my unfinished objects. I plan to  take them with us so we can donate them or hide them in other peoples exhibits! Vicky can carry them.

By the way all the things I have written about today are made from the lovely Texere cotton yarns that I got from Fibre East 2013, except the puppets which I bought on line.

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