Thursday, 29 August 2013

Books, Bavarian. Buttons and More.

I have just been to Hay on Wye which is the place with so many second hand book shops that even the church yard is a book shop. I specifically went to add to my collection of crochet books but I didn't find one. There were books on practically every other craft, so it either means crochet is very popular or that we crocheting people are rare so not many books are published. I like the second explanation best but I suspect that the first is the true one.

On the journey to Hay I did a bit more to my Bavarian master piece?? On the way back I made some more windowpane snowflakes and a colouful but small dream catcher. TIP -These are made with a small silver bangle as the base.

You can probably see that I am half way through the red row and it amazes me how the character of the piece changes as the outer colour changes. I have decided to just keep going until I run out of this cotton, since it is already too big for a cushion.

This is specially for those of you who like the reverse side best. And here are some snaps of the tunisian crochet chain arm protectors

I am having real trouble uploading photographs tonight. These show the tunisian simple stitch and the edging - ( QUICK TIP by making the edge bigger and smaller you can make the project exactly the size you need),

Here are the minions that I mentioned last time - I am a bit worried about their position on a pencil but they do look fairly convincing and very uncomfortable.

And finally here are some wooden Halloween buttons that will be available from our Etsy Shop very soon. In the mean time why not look at the other goodies that you can buy. They are beautifully made and not too expensive. You could finish your Christmas shopping by the end of next week. Now be honest has that ever happened before?

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