Saturday, 17 August 2013

A Grass Hopper Mind, Purses and Dream Catchers.

I am supposed to be making chair arm covers or completing the designs for halloween BUT.....
Yesterday I visited a charity shop and found some lampshades that nobody wanted ( only 50p each). I could see that they had upcycling ( or should that be recycling) possibilities. So at home I dismantled them and removed the support rings and this is the result.

Are they called dream catchers? They need tassles and feathers so I will try to make some tonight.

The other thing that happened was that the postman delivered some new purse clips, some of which are really tiny - well how can you resist???

I did do one thing to salve my conscience a bit:

This is the hair pin in chunky yarn to see if it would make nice chair arm covers. I think I might try some bigger samples because I like this effect.

There are so many ideas in my mind that I just have to try now, is it any wonder I have so many unfinished projects? I have just bought some of those bendy hair curlers - I wonder if I can use them to make poseable figures?
I am a crochet addict with a grasshopper mind. Is there a cure? If there was I am not sure that I would take it, crochet is too much fun.

p.s. here is the finished dream catcher.

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