Tuesday, 2 August 2016

How to make a pretty bowl. You don't even need to crochet but it is more fun if you do.

First you need a doily - I made this one from part of a pattern in 'Crochet Monthly Magazine. You can just do the number of rows that you need for the size of bowl you want. This is an excellent source of doily patterns but there are plenty more on line.

 For the bowl below, I made  just did the star shaped part of this pattern with a slight alteration between the points.

This doily I bought for 50p from an antiques shop. You often see them in charity shops too. It looks a funny shape because I have just washed and bleached it without bothering to block it because I am about to change its shape.

You will also need some bowls, the size depends on the size of your doily, some cling film to cover the bowls and some fabric stiffener. Yes it really is called that but you can use PVA glue instead.

Mix two parts of fabric stiffener with one part of water in a separate bowl. Soak your doily in the is mixture, making sure that he stiffener has soaked in to all parts. Squeeze the excess liquid back into the bowl ( it would have been better if I had used a jug so that I could pour the excess into a bottle for later use) and then drape you doily over the bowl. Make sure the centre of the crochet is at the centre of the base of the bowl and then smooth out the doily into an even shape. At this point I sprinkled some transluscent glitter on to one of the doilys.

Notice I have had to change one of the bowls because the doily was a bit too big.

Leave to dry overnight or at least 12 hours.

As I am writing this as I make the bowls we would all have to wait until tomorrow to see the results so here are some I made earlier.

Lynn and Victoria