Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Baby Bunting Hints and Tips

Vicky and I have just made some kits to make bunting like this. The kits are aimed at  beginners so this post contains more hints and tips.

You can buy a kit in our Etsy Shop.

 The kit also contains beads and buttons for decorating the flags

How to join the flags together.

50 chain
Put hook through top right hand corner.
Yarn over hook and draw through
Yarn over and complete the dc. Make one dc in each stitch right across the flag.
How to add tassels.

To make the tassel cut two strands of yarn - I used my phone to give me the right length but it really does not matter how long you make the strands.

 Put your hook from  back to front through the tip of the flag.

Fold the strands in half.

 Pick up the centre on your hook.

Pull the loop through the flag.

Pull the long ends through the loop and pull it tight.

How to sew buttons so that you can't see the stitches on the reverse of the flag.

 Choose some thread that is close to the colour of the flag.
 Decide where you want the button
 Make a couple of stitches on the right side of the flag approximately where the centre of the button was in the last picture. Sew only through the top layer of the stitches. Push your  needle up through the button and then down and right through the flag to the wrong side. As you go back through to the button make a stitch under the top layer of the crochet stitches so that it does not show.. When you have finished sewing the button on fasten off by making several stitches under the button on the right side.
How to Add Beads

 Join thread to tip of flag.
 Thread the bead and a small bead like this.
 Go back through only the main bead and then sew a few stitches into the tip of the flag to secure the thread.

The kits contain all the yarn, a pattern together with a little bag of beads and a little bag of buttons, all for only £7:50. If you do not have it we can add a crochet hook to the kit for an extra £1.
Lynn and Victoria.