Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Summer Stock! I've been making giant floral rings ... lots of them.

The Spring and Summer craft fair season is nearly upon us - eeeek!  This year I have designed a really cute flowery finger ring to compliment mum's head garlands (free pattern for those here if you'd like it).  They are so quick and so pretty I thought I'd share in case anyone else would like to make a few too.  
Usual request: feel free to use, gift or sell what you make from the pattern but please don't share or copy the pattern or pictures without permission.  Please do share links to the blog, though.  The more the merrier :-)
 You will need:

Two colours of 4ply cotton or embroidery floss.
A crochet hook (I've used 2.5mm)
A pair of scissors or snippers
A ring blank
A needle for sewing in ends
(glue if you're not able to sew to your ring blank)

I've used these opened backed filigree ring blanks in different colours.  I like them because they fit anyone and I can either glue the flower to the pad or sew it on through the open-work.

They are not expensive and available from various Ebay sellers.

Pattern (UK notation):

  1. Using your centre colour make a magic ring/magic loop/adjustable ring.  Leave a long starting yarn-end if you want to sew your flower to the ring.
  2. Make an even number of dc into the ring (10dc will give you 5 petals, 12dc will give you 6 petals ...)
  3. Join with a ss and change colour
  4. First petal made over first two dc: [2ch, tr, dtr] in first dc, [dtr,tr,ch, slst] in next dc.
  5. All other petals each made over two dc: [ss, ch, tr, dtr] in next dc, [dtr, tr, ch, ss] in next dc.
  6. Join with a slst, cut yarn and hide ends.
  7. For some of mine I've added a 3rd colour accent.  I sew these stripes on before I attach the flower to the ring blank.

Diagram for first petal (read right to left)
Diagram for all other petals 

 Using long end sew around edge of centre of the flower through the ring blank or glue with a clear drying glue to the pad.

Wear with pride :-)

Can't ....

... stop ...

 ... making!

Victoria x

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