Sunday, 21 February 2016

Wintergreen free form crochet - the finale.Part 10

I love making the fringe on a free form. Just find everything green in the house, then attach it, in stringy form, anywhere you like along the edge.

These two show the ends: beads, rings, corkscrews, buttons, plaits and tassels.

Then along the edge more of the same.

I am very pleased with the result. It certainly paid to choose colours first and have beads and buttons that blended close at hand. Mind you it made the living room a bit messy to say the least.
Lessons learned? I wish I had started by combining small scumbles into larger patches as I did later and I will when time allows make the fringe denser along the back.

I think this is the first truly free form that I have done. With the others I had an idea what I was making right from the start, with this one it sort of evolved into a shawl. I hope you like it
Lynn and Victoria.

These are previous attempts:

First one ever.

Made by Vicky and I together

One I made for the purple scarf auction 

I like rainbows

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