Monday, 1 February 2016

Wintergreen Free Form Crochet Part 7 filling gaps and Part 8 new yarn and a rethink.

This picture is what started this free form. I took it walking round Heath Lake on a misty morning and then I used it as the inspiration for the patch below.

Part 7 How to fill awkward gaps.

Trouble is that although I liked the picture I didn't like the patch but when you add a few bits it starts to look better.
The spiral fits the dent in the side.

Add a rather plump paisley and crochet it all together.
How to fill the strange shaped gaps?
Bullions - join yarn at height of bullions that you are going to make.
Work them all into the corner of the triangle to be filled - I always do too many, less rather than more is much tidier.

Crochet round the edge to knit the piece together.
A leaf for another funny gap

This is crocheted around a roman blind ring mainly dc but some trebles to give the point. Then this shape is sewn in to another gap.

A bit more crochet along one edge to give a triangle.
Pop corns are very good for gaps because you can make them different sizes and they will bend to fit a gap.
                                                                                     A bit more crocheting around the edge and some                                                                                          more bullions - now I am happy with this scumble.
You can probably spot the scumble here but the reason for this picture is to show how much I have got from one tube of yarn.
There is a tiny bit of yarn left

Part 8 Adding more yarn
There is no good reason for the next bit except pure self indulgence, you see I went to the Waltham Abbey Wool Show and bought some yarn which I have been desperate to use so I am now going to start adding patches made from some of this yarn.

So here is how far I have got. I have added buttons and some fringing but I am not happy with it as it is but the shape is shawly. So I am going to make it wider - Part 9 more patches with gorgeous yarn and adding width.
Lynn and Victoria.

P.S. the Waltham show was lovely small enough to see everything but big enough to offer a wide variety of yarn, buttons and beads. Lots of real craftspeople whose work was inspirational. Thoroughly recommended.

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