Monday, 11 January 2016

The process of Free Form Crochet Wintergreen Parts 1 and 2

Very exciting; I am about to start a new free form project and share the thinking, preparation and process of the construction. 
Vicky has shared a post which shows you how to make some patches on the facebook page. It has been so popular that it inspired me to start another project.
I was thinking about making another scarf but as you will see this may end up being a small project like a purse or a book cover.

Part 1 Inspiration : I was listening to a news item about daffodils and the mild winter, I was also looking outside at the grass and thinking it needed cutting -In JANUARY!!! So the new project is going to be called 'Wintergreen'. All about this winter must include allusion to rain and flood, Christmas and spring flowers.

Part 2 the Yarn: My favourite bit. Vicky keeps her yarn colour coded but I have to rummage through my entire stash to find mainly greens and some blues.

here is what I found in a basket

This is what it looks like out of the basket

I also found this

 A few years ago we did a fair and concentrated on free form advice and supplies. We made little bags of colour themed yarn, called Yarn Truffles and Bigger tubes called Yarn Candy. Having come across a tube of greens I decided that to start with I would try to make the free form using one of these tubes.

The tube and its contents

I will need to add some yellow and some red and possibly some white - if we get any snow or frost.

Then I like to add buttons and beads so another search produced:

Now we have the materials. Part 3 will be the tools Part 4 the first patches.
Lynn and Victoria.

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