Monday, 4 January 2016

Crochet Round up of The Year Perhaps?

This started as a round up of our year's crochet but really didn't end up that way - or maybe it did!
I blame Vicky for publishing this picture:

Wall hanging using Dorset button technique

Which is nearly the most recent thing we've created and an ideal place to start going backwards through 2015 with the things we have made using supporting rings.  Hope you find something to inspire you.

Dorset buttons in sets  (the long ends for sewing)

Dorset buttons on a garment.
Buttons always match perfectly if you make them yourself ;-)
All of these projects are based on rings of varying sizes. These are just a few that I haven't used yet. I am always on the look out in charity shops for plastic bangles, old curtain rings and jewellery that I can dismantle. But you can buy then in DIY shops and online too.

So by now I am on a mission to see how many things we have made using rings here are a few:

Spring wreaths made on florists formers ( the wreaths not the florists)

Summer dream catchers made on rings from old lamp shades.

 Autumn colours for this belt or hair band made on Roman Blind rings.

I know, why not make bracelets from these plastic bracelets?

These are based on metal curtain rings

Tiny stars and snow flakes based on 1cm plastic rings. Same rings as the little Dorset buttons
Winter decorations

End of year quiz? The Galaxy free form Scarf - spot the rings

Having started I then wanted to know what  other people were doing'

Lovely crochet necklaces based on rings.

Here you can see how to make crochet earrings

Here you can find out how to crochet into/round rings

So what started as a round up has finished going round in circles.
Happy New Year again
Lynn and Victoria.

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