Thursday, 28 January 2016

Crochet Rose Quicky!

Just a quicky to share some love.

I found a link on Pinterest to a video tutorial for a beautiful rose.  A video?  No several lengthy videos where She's Crafty takes you through every stitch and every stage to make a rose bud, a half opened rose and a fully opened rose.

It is a beautiful design.

I've spend quite some time over the last two days with this CAL and I'm so happy with the results I had to share.

Warning:  You will need to use a 2.2mm hook with DK yarn - tricky and tight ... I upsized to a 2.5 because my yarn was splitting too frequently.  Also, the videos are quite long and slow if you're a very competent crocheter.  I was often waiting for her to catch up.

With Valentine's Day coming up what better gift?

Here's the link if you're inspired: Crochet Rose by She's Crafty

And here's my rose:

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