Monday, 28 December 2015

Post Christmas, Christmas Post.

I love Christmas but I don't like the aftermath of cleaning up and trying to find creative ways of disposing of packaging. Our most creative at the moment is using the cardboard as a mulch on the allotment.

I am lucky that after such a long time crocheting I can look at a picture and then make a rough copy.So these are not entirely original but they are the things that I made as gifts for my friends and relatives:

I think this is obviously a frog.

This one is obviously a donkey but only when you hold its ears vertically up right.

This is supposed to be a shark but the fin is in the wrong place, especially when you wear it.

My personal favourite, the barn owl. Probably because I did this one from a picture of an actual owl.
Several pairs of fingerless gloves.

Don't think Ben got the hang of this one

I have shared this one before. Looks like a sad alien.

 This one was a complete failure, started off as a hooded cobra and ended up as a dead dragon.

Side view of fish. 

Dan as Hagar the horrible.

This is Christmas dinner showing, amongst others, the oldest and the youngest of the people at our house. I hope you all enjoyed your festivities as much as we did.

I nearly forgot this one - she has a lovely sparkly plait.
Happy New Year from
Lynn and Victoria.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Free Crochet Pattern For Santas Vest Cutlery Holder or Phone Cosy ( At Last )

Cutlery holder

Or phone cosy
The original version had arms but they got in the way

LEVEL: very easy.

You will need a 3.0 mm hook and small amounts of red, black and white DK yarn
Also about 1m of silver or gold thread for the buckle.

1. Using white 30 ch.
2. In third ch from hook make 1htr. then 1htr in each ch to end, break off white and join red yarn. ( 28 stitches not counting the two ch at the start)
3. Starting each row with 1ch and working 1dc in each stitch work 8 rows of dc. in red.
4. Do not break off yarn, but join black and work 2 rows of dc.break off black
5. Using red work 7 rows of dc.
6. To shape neck and shoulders: 1ch, dc2tog, 1dc in next 4 stitches, dc 2tog, 1dc in next 12 stitches dc 2tog, dc in next 4 stitches dc 2tog. ( 24 stitches )
7. 1ch, dc2tog, 1dc in next 3 stitches, dc 2tog, 1dc in next 10 stitches dc 2tog, dc in next 3 stitches dc 2tog.
   ( 20 stitches )
8. 1ch, dc2tog, 1dc in next 2 stitches, dc 2tog, 1dc in next 8 stitches dc 2tog, dc in next 2 stitches dc 2tog.
   ( 16 stitches )
9.1ch, dc2tog, 1dc in next dc, dc 2tog, 1dc in next 6 stitches dc 2tog, dc in next dc, dc 2tog.
   (12 stitches ). Break off yarn.

The work should now look like this. Hide the ends and then using white work a row of dc up one side across the top and down the other side. Work 1dc in each row. leave a long end for sewing up.

The work should naturally fold so that you can sew up the front and across the bottom.

 You can stop here or you can embroider a silver or gold buckle.

Now you can make one for everybody!
Happy Christmas and as usual let us know of any mistakes.
Lynn and Victoria.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Mostly crochet freeform seascape

I've been working on a commission for a friend who is organising a wedding.  She loves our note book covers (if you read regularly or follow us on FB you know there are many of these) and asked if I could make one to cover her wedding planner note book.  I think the intention is that she plans in a scrap-booking style and gives the book as a keep-sake to the bride and groom.

It was no small request.  She wanted the main theme to be Cornwall and the main colour to be hydrangea blue but she also wanted me to include cider, sun-glasses, garden flowers, pink running shoes, cake and bunting.  It is all in there if you look closely.

I've mostly used crochet but there is some knitting, some embroidery, applique, beading and buttons in the design.  And all in just an A4 space.

Hope you like the pictures.  I've started with a couple showing how I built up the design.  I work a bit like a watercolourist by blocking in big areas first and then adding detail later.

It's an impression/collage and looks better at a distance but some of the details are pretty too ... imo ;-)

Thinking about flowers -
I rejected the big leaves in the end
Victoria x

Background in place and
deciding on placement of cloud

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Craft Fair Crazy

Long time no blog.
We have been rushed off our feet with craft fairs and Christmas orders.

So many chocolate cosies
Mum's pattern for robins, penguins and puddings in now a 99p bargain until Christmas

The rush seems to have died down a bit now but these are still waiting to be delivered or collected or finished.

We have done 4 or is it 5 fairs with varying degrees of success. The least successful this year was the outdoor one where the wind was so high that the gazebo blew away with Vicky attached. I tried to tell her to turn her feet out and sing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious but she didn't seem to appreciate the connection as she was lifted off her feet. Luckily we had not started to get the crochet out of the car so that was saved. 
The last two I did without Vicky as she was poorly. It is really very hard on your own especially when you are busy. Replenishing stock took priority over keeping the stall tidy and taking pictures so I have no pictures to share but I think Vicky took some at the earlier fairs.

A few blurry stall pictures: