Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Crochet hats and hat stands in love.

I suspect that every family has a relative that gives unsuitable presents at Christmas. I know we did and I remember what fun we had guessing at the contents of her gifts before opening them. So I have endeavored to become that person for my brothers family. This year all the adult men are getting character hats like these.

There is one more to come and I havn't decided whether it is shark, wizard or owl. The point of telling you this is that these hats are sitting on my home made hat stand.

This is made using a cone from the inside of yarn with a soft crochet ball on top but I made two grey ones and.........

I first noticed it when I walked into the bedroom so I started to watch. Every time I put them down they end up like this and I am sure that they get closer. I can only conclude they are in love.
I suppose all this proves I don't have to try,  I really am the eccentric aunt!

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