Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Crochet hats and hat stands in love.

I suspect that every family has a relative that gives unsuitable presents at Christmas. I know we did and I remember what fun we had guessing at the contents of her gifts before opening them. So I have endeavored to become that person for my brothers family. This year all the adult men are getting character hats like these.

There is one more to come and I havn't decided whether it is shark, wizard or owl. The point of telling you this is that these hats are sitting on my home made hat stand.

This is made using a cone from the inside of yarn with a soft crochet ball on top but I made two grey ones and.........

I first noticed it when I walked into the bedroom so I started to watch. Every time I put them down they end up like this and I am sure that they get closer. I can only conclude they are in love.
I suppose all this proves I don't have to try,  I really am the eccentric aunt!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Christmas table. Santa's pants to Fairy's frock and Gnome's napkin rings

The interest in Santa's pants ( stop it!) got me thinking about the rest of the Christmas table so here are a few ideas - not to be taken too seriously I think.

This startd as another cutlery holder  and was to be called the fairies vest but I got carried away with the decoration and then messing about in the kitchen I found that the frock fited our pepper grinder perfectly so .........

A kind friend who knows that I like to recycle and re-purpose things had given me a set of curtain rings. I was thinking of covering them to make into tree decorations but then I thought of napkin rings ( as you do ).

Take off the hook - in some it just pulls off in others you will need a pair of pliers to unscrew an eyelet.
I used a scrap of white sparkly acryllic double knitting to cover the ring by doing double crochet through the ring. Always push the stitches up so that you really fill the space or you will get gaps when you do the next bit.The green bit is a tiny bit of tinsel yarn - all I did was a dc. in every oyher stitch. I am going to play with this idea maybe using buttons or beads or tiny holly leaves.

I am pleased with the result but as you will see we are not a napkin sort of family (more a sort of pass the kitchen roll please family) so I have struggled to find a napkin to show the ring working.

All together.

I then remembered Vicky's bottle cover - it is actually for wrapping your bottle present but I thought it looked nice here and wine is a very important part of our Christmas meal. I find it very strange that the person who made the bottle cosy is the only non-drinker in the family, that is apart from those who are underage but even they would like to try it!

 PS. I forgot this - my granny would be proud of me making a traditional doily but in the shape of a star for Christmas.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Santas pants cutlery holder free pattern

These cutlery holders are on sale at the moment and several people have expressed interest in a crochet version. So we have made a pattern for the bottom half of Santa and we will work on making a pattern for the top half as soon as we can.

You will need:
double knitting yarn in red black and white
a little gold thread for a buckle.
a 3.50mm hook.
a yarn needle

row 1. ch 14
row 2. htr in third chain from hook one htr in each ch to end break yarn and join red (12 htr)
row 3. 1ch 1dc in each stitch to end ( 12 dc)
rows 4. to 10 repeat row three.
row 11. 1ch then 2dc in the first stitch 1dc in each stitch across  (13 dc)
row 12. repeat row 11                                                              ( 14 dc)
row 13. 1ch then 1dc in each stitch to the end.   Break yarn and fasten off.  (14 dc)

Make another leg in exactly the same way but do not break yarn at the end of row 13.
row 14 turn 1ch 1dc in each stitch to end and then carry on across the top of the second leg so you will have 28 dc,

Working on these 28 stitches starting each row with 1ch and making 1dc in each stitch:
2 rows of red, 2 rows of black, 4 rows of red

The next two rows will make holes for the tie.
next row: 1ch, 1dc, ( 2ch, miss two stitches, 2dc ) repeat 5 times more. 2ch miss two stitches 1dc in the last stitch. (7 x 2ch spaces )
next row: 1ch, 1dc, (2dc in 2chain space 1dc in next 2 stitches) repeat 5 times more 2dc in last 2ch space 1dc in last stitch. Fasten off leaving a long end for sewing up.

leaving a long end ch 50 and fasten off leaving another long end to make the tassels.

use the long end of red yarn to stitch the two sides together to the point shown by the pin which is 4 rows below the black belt.
Then sew down each leg to the point where the white starts fasten off the red . Sew up the ends of the legs using white. Turn the pants right side out.

Thread the white tie through the holes in the top of the pants

To make the tassels: thread one of the long white ends into a blunt needle. Then wind the yarn around your finger like this.
Use the remaining thread to anchor the finger loops to the end of the chain. Try not to stab your self

Cut through the loops and and tidy the tassel. Repeat for the other end of the chain.

Embroider a buckle onto the front and your silver holder is complete.

Now you can make one for each peson who is coming to Christmas dinner. If your Christmas dinner is anything like ours this could take you until roughly August next year.
As usual let us know if there are errors and share anything you make using the pattern.
Lynn and Victoria.