Friday, 2 October 2015

Free Pattern for a Crochet Carrier Bag

I expect you are all aware that here in the UK from Monday 5th October 2015 carrier bags will be subject to a compulsory charge of at least 5p each.  As a very small trader we don't have to charge but I support the attempt to reduce the number of carrier bags in circulation for two reasons: first, naturally, the hoped positive impact on landfill, litter etc and second, the excuse to make more crochet bags!!!

So, fellow crocheters, let's spend the weekend making some crochet carriers to create bag-envy in other shoppers.

I've started a Pinterest board for crochet bags.  Come and see and please let me know if you have a bag I should include.  

Here is a very rushed, out of my head carrier meant for quick dashes to the high street.  Hope it inspires you to make.

I used Textere's Warp Cotton, which works like DK, and a 4mm hook.  

Rounds 1 - 9:  make a granny square of 9 rounds.  

In this case I used 1ch across each cluster on the sides and 3ch to turn the corners.  There are thousands of 'how to' videos and tutorials for grannies online if you're unsure about how to make one.
Rounds 10 - 15: make 1 cluster followed by 1ch in each ch space including the corners, join and start a new row as for your granny square.

I added a splash of colour with some beautiful Natura Just Cotton in Turquoise.  It is too thin and so I held it double.  Be creative.  If you love colour add loads!  Anything you've got in your stash that will work as DK or be fudged so that it does ;-)

I just put one round of turquoise in at round 14.
Rounds 16 - 33:  If you like the granny look you can just continue repeating the same round until the bag is big enough.  I've made 33 rounds so skip to round 34 if this is your preference.  Or ...
Rounds 16 - 33 alternative:  I've added some stretchier rounds so I can fit more in my bag and to add a bit of variety.  Here goes if this is your preference:

Round 16:  Slip st into the nearest chain space, *ch1, dc in same chain space, [5ch, 2dc in next chain space]repeat until last space, 2ch and tr into first dc to join so that you start the next round at the centre of a chain space*

Rounds 17 - 21: Repeat round 16 from * to *
Round 22:  As round 16 but ch6 instead of each ch5 and 2ch, dbtr to join
Round 23:  As round 16 but ch7 instead of each ch5 and 3ch, dbtr to join
Round 24:  As round 16 but ch8 instead of each ch5 and 3ch, trtr to join
Round 25:  As round 16 but ch9 instead of each ch5 and 4ch, trtr to join
Round 26:  As round 16 but ch10 instead of each ch5 and 4ch, trtr to join
Round 27:  As round 24
Round 28:  As round 22
Round 29 - 30:  As round 16
Round 31: Ch3, 2tr to make beginning cluster in first chain space, [1ch and 3tr] in each chain space around.  You should be working in the granny stitch again.  Join to 3rd chain of chain 3.
Round 32 and 33: Granny stitch around
Round 34: Ch3, 1 tr in each tr and each chain space around

Find and mark the side of your bag.  This should correspond to the centre of one side of your granny square base.  You can trace this up from the bottom but I find this leaves the bag slightly twisted and I just eyeball it ... Live dangerously!!  Then count round half your stitches (you should have 144 so half would be 72 if my maths is ok) and mark the 73rd st. 
Round 35: Ch3, tr in each tr until you are 10 sts before your first marker, *ch21, miss 21*, continue tr until you are 10st before your second marker and repeat * to *, tr to the end of the round and join to top of ch 3.   

You should have started your handle like this.
Round 36: ch2, htr in each st and 21 htr in each chain space, join to top of chain 2

You can leave it here if you like.  I bolstered my handle with row 37, though.

Round 37: ch1, make a long dc OVER each htr of the row below, join to ch 1, Cut yarn and finish.   Run your ends in a long way to make sure everything is really secure.  You don't want to watch your shopping rolling off down the road.

I've also added some flowers because ... flowers!!

Shopping completed!! 

As I said.  This is very rushed and out of my head.  Please let me know if you need any clarification or you spot any mistakes.

Usual pattern rules apply.  Feel free to use, gift, sell ... what you make from pattern.  Please don't sell the pattern itself but it is fine to share it, or, even better, link to it, with proper credit.  Pattern rules also apply to photos.

Have fun!

Victoria x

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