Monday, 7 September 2015

Tablet cosy, basket, shawl and intertwined crochet circles.

Vicky and I went to the Artesano yarn open day this week. Had a lovely time playing with the yarn, drinking coffee and talking to other knitters and crocheters. One of the many ideas that Vicky has passed on to me is that there are millions of audio books on youtube. So I now crochet and listen to a story on wet days- perfect bliss when accompanied by Cadburys dairy milk. Anyway I passed this on to a lady at the Artesano open day and she was so delighted that she is going to pas it on to her disabled father as well as use it herself. So what I was wondering is are there other things we could share that are not necessarily crochet but which make our hobby more fun? Please share any ideas.

Yarn bought at Fibre East by Fleabubs & Lala - there are also some lovely hooks here - I wish I had bought more yarn. Crochets beautifully and really lends itself to the linen stitch ( one dc one chain and then one dc in the one chain space on the next row then one chain.)
Add a home made Dorset button and my tablet has a new home.

This is my other fascination of the moment.
There are pictorial instructions here and by searching for intertwined crochet circles there are lots of other interesting examples.

 Graham has plied some very fine yarn and includes a subtle sparkle - result a useful basket. Pattern to follow.

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 Photographic mistake including my shadow but I do look as if I have grown wings.

Still desperately trying to take a picture that does justice to my latest shawl. This is the best

My lovely and much younger neighbour has offered to model it for me - the trouble is it will still be the same photographer!

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