Monday, 21 September 2015

How green is my Crochet? II

I am constntly amazed by the ingenuity of my fellow crocheters ( crocheteers?). in particular I have noticed the amount of re-purposing that goes on in our crochet world. Instead of throwing things away we cover them in crochet and make them into beautiful and useful objects. Here are a few examples.

What else would you do with spent light bulbs? They are now lovely Christmas baubles.

I think , apart from my crochet hooks, plastic pop bottles are the most useful things in the world.
This is  my personal favourite and I am already saving bottles to build one of my own.

Really clever idea and so pretty. Lots of other lovely things to see here

I have lots of old knitting needles that have somehow lost their partner - here is a way of extending their useful life. Thanks to Nancy's Knots. This will be incredibly useful 

And what about all those scratched old discs 
How to Crochet Around a CD

We crocheters make our yarn out of old plastic bags, there are some free patterns here

What can you make with your old t-shirts. Lots of ideas here but not all of them crochet

A video tutorial for making this  basket can be found here.

There are many more examples such as using a tea pot instead of an expensive yarn bowl.

Once, long ago I wrote about Graham and I buying old knitted garments and unravelling to make into crochet blankets it is good to know that spirit is still thriving among crafters and crocheters in particular.

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