Monday, 28 September 2015

Crochet Christmas prep is underway!

Mum would usually be writing about her crochet week but it's me this week because mum's gone away.  A lovely trip to Yorkshire to visit my aunt and, oh, is Yarndale on?  Yes, she went to Yarndale without me.  Let's not talk about it.  I'm very bitter.  All I can say is I'd better get a really good yarny present.

Anyway, Crochet Cinders couldn't go to the ball but I have been busy.  Mostly this week has been a fight with the light to get some decent product photos taken for our Christmas stock.  As mum has mentioned photography is our nemesis and, as you can see below, we have varying degrees of success.  We sell very successfully when people can see our makes in front of them but our photos don't do them justice and we simply don't sell as well online.  I'm thinking of saving up for a proper photo session ... if I can dismiss the control freak within.

So here are just two of our Christmassy bits.  More to come as I take more pics :-)

Wine bottle sacks - Santa style.  The only way to give the gift of alcohol!

Aren't their hats cute?  I'll share the secret of the ruffle soon and might even type up the whole pattern if you're interested.

Penguins are the first of many designs for this make - all by my brilliant mum!  We love our penguins.  Every single one we make (choc cosie, ornament, toy ...) always looks slightly deranged.

Each of the following beauties hides an ambassador's chocky.

These are my absolute favourites.  They are so delicate and beautiful.  The picture really doesn't do them justice.

We never have enough chocolate cosies and always end up making more after the first couple of fairs.  We have people who buy dozens as part of their table decorations for Chrissy dinner.

They make brilliant stocking fillers and advent gifts too.  

The snowman and Santa are new designs for this year.

Like the penguins and puddings, our cute little robins are really popular.

Again, new for this year - sparkly cracker. 


Woolly hats 
Not a chocolate cosy or a wine bottle sack.  This is a sneak peak of something else I've been doing.  I just love this photo of a forest of pins ... blocking snowflakes is hard work.
Hope you're either avoiding all thought of Christmas or you're well-prepared ... whichever is your preferred approach.   More of our prep coming soon.

Victoria x

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