Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Magazine Inspiration and an Excuse to Buy More Yarn.

I know I shouldn't really start a new project since I have so many unfinished ones but I blame the Fibre East show. Look at this lovely yarn I couldn't resist.

Colours are better than this.

 Lovely pattern from 'Inside Crochet' Magazine issue 48. Thank you for the inspiration.
It is so hard to believe that this is just one ball of yarn it gives the impression of a colour change practically every row. I love it but I fear I did not buy enough to complete this project. I will just have to go to another yarn show - oh no!

I know most normal people will think that we are crazy to have started making Christmas stuff but, as I said before, we have to start early in order to have enough stock. I was trying to design a new hanging ornament to go with our penguins, puddings and robins when I came across the santa amigurumi in 'Simply Crochet' Magazine (issue 12).

The pattern produced a very big decoration and these show my attempts to make it smaller. My pattern - the smallest one here - starts from the bottom and works upwards, the magazine one works from the hat down. Thank you for the inspiration 'Simply Crochet'.

When you have your magazines out you have to look at all the patterns and articles again so I found the inspiration in the same 'Simply Crochet' magazine to make this stocking.

My own hexagons and sewn rather than crocheted together but I used the template in the magazine to assemble the stocking.
Lovely Christmas colours pity the bear seems to be elbowing the rabbit in the face in an attempt to escape.

The trouble is that I made two  more hexagons than I needed so I thought I had better make another stocking but I had run out of bright red double knitting. So I had to buy more. There is a pattern developing here (and not a crochet pattern exactly)  start a project go to shop or show and buy far more yarn than you need but may be not enough to finish the next project so .............

The bear bruvvers will be appearing in another exciting adventure - if we ever get another sunny day.

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