Monday, 31 August 2015

The Coast and Crochet Coasters

Back from beautiful Wales. The scenery and the beaches are unequaled anywhere and the people. with one notable exception, are helpful and pleasant. Having had a fairly active holiday and with quizzes and conversation in the evening I have had a whole week without any crochet (apart from watching Vicky make part of a gecko -honestly). I really am getting withdrawal symptoms and I thought there would be nothing to share but as usual .........

 Does anyone else have a grandson that builds solar systems instead of sand castles?

 Ben is running away from one of the life size dinosaurs at the Dan yr ogoff caves- absolutely amazing and worth a visit, the caves that is.
Brave Danny making friends with a huge horse.
And Now for the crochet.

This is a set of six coasters that I started before going to Wales. Made using Rico Essentials DK.
 In order to keep them tidy, they are held in an apple shaped container. The button was a lucky find in my enormous collection.

    Inside are apple slice coasters
they have felt bases half red and half green because I didn't have enough of either colour.
Failed attempt at an arty picture
Christmas head bands - carry your                                                                                                       own mistletoe

 The flowes/stars are all made with embroidery thread.

Finally I have started to follow this person She shares albums of her own and others work. I don't speak her language but she includes pattern diagrams which are universal if you know what each symbol means. This is what I am trying from one of her pattern diagrams.

The yarn is a 4ply by Dennis Brunton that just happened to be in my stash. I will share it when it is complete but I am not sure what it will be because it is limited by the amount of yarn -could be a cowl, could be a shawl or even a head scarf.

Vicky and I were rather disappointed not to get to the Wool Museum of Wales so these are for you Victoria.


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Flowers and Scarves and Fantastic Yarns

I have done two crochety things this week: one is making more Christmas stuff the other is I have
re-discovered using very fine yarn, which of couse means that I have not made so many things. Needless to say I have made some things or I would get withdrawal symptoms.

 A christmas brooch using that lovely red velour/chenile yarn and a few pearls. I found a new way of making flowers so I had to try it.
Attempt at arty photography and a picture without distractions.

More brooches made from a lovely fine yarn with a beautiful sheen which does not really show here

This is horribly over-exposed but I dropped my camera and didn't notice the settings had changed.

A better picture taken in the trusty kitchen. Made using Rico Essentials cotton DK.

Here they are all together.

This is what I made using fine yarn it is a scarf rather than a shawl since I only had two balls of this beautiful yarn. (Drops Delight 75% wool the rest polyamid)

Absolutely gorgeous colours!

Attempts at arty pictures again, the little one makes it look like a manta ray. The colours are best shown in the first picture.
I should say this is not properly finished yet but we are away next week so I don't expect to blog again for a few days.

 Graham has just come in from the allotment bearing gifts of flowers. I used to really hate gladioli -they always seemed bright orange and in your face but the colours of these are so lovely that they have changed my opinion.

Finally, I think this is what is known as the cliff hanger, my latest fine yarn project.

Scarf, cowl, table cloth, vest, net curtains, a mini skirt or possibly a fishing net? You will have to wait and see, and so will I!
In all of these projects it is the beautiful yarns (as well as the amazing skill of the crocheter??) that makes the work attractive and unique.
 I really love crochet!

I just finished sewing on the buttons. You can wear this with the buttons at the front or the back or even the side.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Character of crochet creatures and this weeks makes.

The other day I came across this gorgeous velour yarn in my stash. Perfect for christmas.

I had already made these  Ferrero Rocher cosies and needed a change so I decided some robins, using the velour, would be next.

I some how made a mistake ( not a rare thing ), it must have been a particularly exciting biscuit box in the Bake Off that caused the lapse of concentration. This is the result

One eye too high and his beak is twisted but he is somehow loveable. Got me thinking about how character changes in apparently identical hand made things. An example:

It would appear that eyes closer together makes these robins look cuter?

Then there is Socrates the shark

In spite of all the teeth his smile makes him friendly.

How about the mice? Why does the one on the left look as if he is really having to think about the world and the one in the middle looks slightly drunk?

Then there is everyones favourite - the completely mad penguin:

For me one of the joys of making creatures is seeing who will emerge when you give it a face. I never seem to be able to produce two which are the same.

In other news of grown up crocheting. I have finished the cowl and this is most definitely my favourite make of the week

 Because of the concertina effect it is very versatile - I have found ways of using it as a hat, a hair band, open it is wide, narrow closed, with collar if some of the buttons are left open etc.

I even made the buttons, my mum used to say hand made buttons made things look expensive, her way of saying it gave a garment class.
Finally, reflecting the last blog, a pair of mittens from a pattern in 'Crochet' magazine - I think it is issue 1.

Even here one looks as if it is sleepy or smiling and the other looks a bit surprised. Ah well it does show they are not machine made I suppose or it could simply be that I am not a very good photographer.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Magazine Inspiration and an Excuse to Buy More Yarn.

I know I shouldn't really start a new project since I have so many unfinished ones but I blame the Fibre East show. Look at this lovely yarn I couldn't resist.

Colours are better than this.

 Lovely pattern from 'Inside Crochet' Magazine issue 48. Thank you for the inspiration.
It is so hard to believe that this is just one ball of yarn it gives the impression of a colour change practically every row. I love it but I fear I did not buy enough to complete this project. I will just have to go to another yarn show - oh no!

I know most normal people will think that we are crazy to have started making Christmas stuff but, as I said before, we have to start early in order to have enough stock. I was trying to design a new hanging ornament to go with our penguins, puddings and robins when I came across the santa amigurumi in 'Simply Crochet' Magazine (issue 12).

The pattern produced a very big decoration and these show my attempts to make it smaller. My pattern - the smallest one here - starts from the bottom and works upwards, the magazine one works from the hat down. Thank you for the inspiration 'Simply Crochet'.

When you have your magazines out you have to look at all the patterns and articles again so I found the inspiration in the same 'Simply Crochet' magazine to make this stocking.

My own hexagons and sewn rather than crocheted together but I used the template in the magazine to assemble the stocking.
Lovely Christmas colours pity the bear seems to be elbowing the rabbit in the face in an attempt to escape.

The trouble is that I made two  more hexagons than I needed so I thought I had better make another stocking but I had run out of bright red double knitting. So I had to buy more. There is a pattern developing here (and not a crochet pattern exactly)  start a project go to shop or show and buy far more yarn than you need but may be not enough to finish the next project so .............

The bear bruvvers will be appearing in another exciting adventure - if we ever get another sunny day.