Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Time Flies from Summer Waistcoat to Dragonflies to Christmas trees

I have spent so much time, over the past two weeks, on making this intricate waistcoat that I thought I would have nothing new to share but it seems I was wrong.

Each flower is made separately and then crocheted together as you go. The trouble is that there are then holes between each trio of flowers which have to be filled in with the Y shapes that then give the impression of  a (or should that be an?) hexagon around each flower. Each Y produces 2 ends to sew in, each flower produces one end (I managed to crochet in the other one ) but even though I like the effect I would never do one of these again I really hate ends!!!!!

So to more. Vicky has made this beautiful set of dragon flies, using fine cotton thread, beads, sequins and wire. As usual my photography does not do them justice - more of this later.

I love the fact that they appear to be flying on their springs and the tiny delicate flowers among the reeds are inspired.

Dancing in the sun

Take five cardboard or plastic cones and they become :------

These. They are quick and easy to make and then you can have endless fun decorating them if you want to.

 Made with leftover scraps of tinsel yarn. When you crochet, one side is much fluffier than the other. I wanted really fluffy so I turned this one inside out before putting it onto the cone.
 The green is chunky acrylic yarn, the garland is a string of tiny golden beads and then I raided my immense hoard of buttons ( no it is not a stash because I guard it like a dragon).
 White eyelash yarn with very hard to see crystal and silver beads.

These are my favourite made with a fine yarn that is slightly fluffy and has streaks of the other colours you can see, but it is worked together with a strand of gold fingering in green. Hard to see the green sparkle in the picture. One big advantage of using the shiny yarn is that it makes the stitches easy to see - often they are obscured when using fluffy or hairy yarn.

I suppose the rest would be called the out takes or my futile attempts at more interesting photography.

It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas when even the photographer appears a little tipsy.


  1. Love the dragonflies and Christmas trees. Your vest is beautiful but I can understand the frustration with all the ends. I would think you could adapt the pattern to actually make a hexagon round each flower the could then be joined as you go.

  2. What a good idea. If I had thought of it it would have saved me lots of time. Still thank you, the next one I make will be much quicker.

  3. Wow! Love your wonderful waistcoat - so pretty - but what a labour of love with all the ends!
    Who'd've thought delightful dragonflies and Christmas trees would be in the same post.
    So fabulous to see Christmas trees in the sunshine!
    Ali x

  4. You are right that it feels like a whole year passed in just one weeks crocheting. I enjoyed making the trees but got really fed up with the beach cover up /waist coat.