Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Tiny crochet purses revisited

We have started to think about Christmas. We have made a list of stock and worked out what we need to replenish but also we are considering some new and exciting things for this year - watch this space.
For me this week has been about completing a commission and some old favourites.

Little sparkly purses originally for the Christmas tree for tiny gifts or some money. But our ingenious customers have bought them in order to carry a plectrum for a musical instrument, to carry and be able to find small craft items like a thimble, or for the tooth fairy, in order to always have a small amount of money in an emergency.

 These ae even smaller but a £10 pound note fits really well!

You can also use them for your pills or your minions! I was actually looking for the thimble but I didn't have one of these so I can't find it!

I used to make purses like the one on the left but they can have a bit of a gap near the hinge - I will explain the new method when I have time.

The little purse clasps are easy to buy on line but examine them carefully before trying to sew them in. I have got almost to the end of the difficult process of sewing them in only to find one hole has not been properly punched or that the clasp doesn't work properly. The other thing is that you need a needle that will fit through the holes but such a needle may be too fine to take the thread you have used to make the purse. I have used sewing thread in the gold ones. For the bigger sparkly ones I have used stranded embroidery thread so that I can just use two of the strands for sewing in.

Here is another hazard. I don't approve of adorning ourselves with animal skins - at least when they have to die. But this has accidentally turned into a crocodile skin purse, as you can see he did not have to make the ultimate sacrifice but his legs still don't reach the ground.