Friday, 24 July 2015

Literary Crochet

Recently, we were lucky to meet Virginia Macgregor an author who lives locally to us.  She saw our cuddly pigs (do you remember Persephone?) and was inspired.  By coincidence she has a novel very soon to be released and in it there is a little black and white pig - Hamlet!  She asked if we could make a collection of animals to accompany her on her book signings and readings.  Each one can be found in one of her up-coming books.  

The cover of Virginia's Book.  Piggy ahoy!

Meet Hamlet the cutest pig in town

Mrs Fox

Houdini - don't know about you but he sounds like he might be a mischievous little goat!

And last but not least Louis.  I'm a dog person so he is my personal fav. 

I loved this project (only minimal swearing involved - the goat wanted very much to look like a lamb and it took while to figure out how to secure the fur on Louis).  I was an English teacher so it brings together two of my favourite things - literature and crochet.  Every book should have an animal buddy! 

Isn't it fantastic to find someone who appreciates crochet enough to flatter our craft by associating it so closely with her own art form?  I hope you're intrigued enough to at least read about her writing and maybe even buy a copy of her book.  I've put links to her website and "What Milo Saw" on Amazon.  If you're very lucky you might even catch one of her readings or book signings and get to meet my little creature creations in person.  If you do, send me a picture :-)

What Milo Saw on Amazon

Virginia's Blog

Virginia on Facebook