Wednesday, 10 June 2015

CE testing problems with some answers

CE testing seems to occupy my every waking thought at the moment. If I am going to be quite honest I really like solving the problems associated with making every toy safe - well at lest the ones we make and sell.
Here are three of this weeks problems:
1. How do you CE test a kit for weaving bracelets?

After much searching we found the European directive that said crochet/weaving/knitting are not of interest to children so these kits are not toys. So hooray they don't need the same testing but sometimes the solution is worse than the problem -NOT OF INTEREST TO CHILDREN - good grief.
Here is the link to the EC document on crafts which may be of help to those of you with the same problem:

2.How do you CE test a snake?

At play?

What have you found?

Pretending to be snooker cues?

This is what I have been making this week so lots of pictures. But how do you tension test? There are no limbs or ears and they are made by the amigurumi method so no seams. They are made from materials that have a CE71-3 certificate and I know they are washable. It seems (sorry) that all I can do is set fire to them. So an even worse problem - which one should I sacrifice? Should I start the test from the nose or the tail? We have made lots of toys using the same materials - they are very difficult to ignite and easily pass flamability tests - so will the shape make any difference?

3. Problems always come in threes. Vicky made this lovely little horse and it passes all the tests easily but how do you test the mane and tail?

We have asked for help from the CE testing groups so here's hoping. There are lots of dolls with wooly hair so I am hoping someone out there will know what we have to do. If you know the answer to this problem please let us know.
Lynn and Vicky.


  1. Great news for you not having to test the kits - but hugely inaccurate!!
    What delicious kits they are too - perfect for summer crafting alfresco - and eyecatching for conversations about your fabulous product menu!
    So cool - sure they'll sell out fast!
    Sorry about your flaming dilemma - no help I'm afraid - but once you've done it once it will be out of the way!
    Ali x

  2. The kits are Vicky's idea and they do look lovely. I can't wait for the weather to be suitable for crafting in the garden. Thanks again for you kind support and comments.