Monday, 11 May 2015

Spring Flowers! A free pattern for a crochet hair garland.

As festival season approaches and the weather gets warmer we always sell loads of gorgeous flowery things.  A big favourite are these simple but pretty strings of flowers. 

They were originally meant to be twined into buns, up-dos and plaits for festival goers but have been really popular with little girls too, they've been tied onto bags, used as belts, tied to books and folders, used as book marks etc.    

I'd like to design and create a set for a group of bridesmaids one day so if you know anyone getting married ...

Anyway, in the spirit of share-sies, here are mum's instructions so you can make and wear, make and gift, or make and sell your own.  Don't forget to share any pictures here or on our Facebook page.  We love to see them :-)

Victoria x

I used 4ply yarn and a 2.5mm hook

Stitches (UK notation - see below for convesion to US notation):

mc      magic circle
ch      chain
ss      slip stitch
dc      double crochet
htr     half treble
tr      tr

The garland is constructed in two parts:  first the green leaves and stem and then the little flowers which are sewn on separately.


  1. 20ch, turn
  2. **  *ss in second ch from the hook and then working along the chain [dc, htr, tr, dc, 2ss]* to make one leaf
  3. 11ch, turn and make another leaf (*to* in instruction 2)
  4. To make the leaf appear on the left hand side of the chain pass the completed leaf underneath the hook and over the working yarn (picture a) until it looks like picture b. **                                                                                                                    
      picture a
picture b

5. Then repeat instructions 1 to 4 nineteen more times, or until the chain is as long as you want it to be

Little Flowers

Make as many of these as you like.  I used 11.

  1. make a magic circle
  2. *2ch, 2tr into the circle, 2ch and the ss into the circle*.  This forms one petal.  Repeat from * to * three more times to make a 4 petal flower or you can repeat four more times to make a 5 petal flower.
  3. Leave a long end for attaching the flowers to the greenery.  At the other end pull the magic circle tight and hide the end.

To Make up
Sew a little flower on to each end of the greenery

... Starting from one end of the greenery count 6 pairs of leaves and then sew a flower into the next chain gap .  The next flower is sewn after the next pair of leaves.  Keep going, sewing a flower in each chain gap until you have used up all of your flowers leaving a stretch of greenery with no flowers.The final chain usually needs flattening in some way.  I use a steam iron but I did steam my fingers a few times so take care.

Vicky and I have really struggled with formatting this pattern so if there are mistakes please let us know.
Lynn and Vicky

UK to US notation for this pattern

dc    ->   sc
htr   ->   hdc
tr     ->   dc


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