Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Part 2. How to add crochet compost and flowers to your pot.

The end result when you have added compost ( the brown bit ) and flowers.
This time you will need some stuffing, some florists tape and some wire. For these I used fairly fine jewelers wire. Also some crochet flowers and leaves.

1. put some stuffing into the pot you will be adding more later so no need to be too precise

2. Use brown yarn to make a flat circle in exactly the same way as the bottom of the pot. Make the flat circle about one row smaller than you need and then do one row of dc without any increases, this gives the earth its domed shape.

3. Sew the brown circle to the top of the pot. Just before you complete the sewing add a bit more stuffing to give a nice domed effect.

4. I am not going to tell you how to make the actual flowers as there are plenty of patterns on line and some very good books. I used:

You will also need some leaves again these can be found in the flower books. At this point you could stop and just sew flowers onto the earth/compost like this:


This is the wire and tape I used. The tape is amazing stuff - it only sticks to itself so it is very easy to use. The wire is also florists supply to make it easy to see what I am doing.Wrap the tape around the wire for about 6 inches.

6. Make a circle in the end of the wire. Place this on the back of the flower and sew it on

6. To cover this messy join I made a green cone: MC. 6dc in circle (working in a spiral) 1round straight ( 6dc.) 
next round (2dc then 2 in the next stitch.) x2 ( 8 stitches ) 
next round 1dc in each stitch
next round (3dc then 2 in next stitch,) x 2     (10 stitches) fasten off leaving a long end for sewing.
This works well for the daffodil but it will need adjusting for different types of bloom.

7. Push the covered stem into the top of the cone and out of the small hole in the bottom. Slide it up until it touches the flower and sew in place.

8. to add leaves: I have stiffened them a bit with wire. The wire is threaded through the leaf and then back down again.


Notice that I have not got rid of the ends because they can be wrapped in with the wire like this. Wrap the tape down the stem for about an inch -don't cut the tape.

10. Lay the stem of the flower next to the stem of the leaf and carry on wrapping until the flower stem is as long as you want it to be.

you can add more leaves in the same way

Making something like the flower spray below is just the same technique using lots of wired flowers and leaves.

Bend the stem into a slight curve before pushing it into the small hole in the centre of your pot. Wiggle it a bit to make it go in as far as possible and make it stable and then sew the leaves to the earth/compost.


Even better you could make this by the same method.

Flower or cup cake?
No contest!



  1. Brilliant - some really useful tips. I'd prefer the flowers to the cupcake but I know I'm weird!

  2. Not at all weird - how about a flowery cup cake?

  3. Fab instructions - the cup cake looks so delicious - especially that thick strawberry/vanilla frosting.....mmmmm....
    Ali x

  4. I really love your thoughtful comments. Now I am off to find a cup cake you have made it seem so delicious.