Thursday, 23 April 2015

Preparations for Craft Fairs, Pricing and Pigs

I really love that feeling of getting ready for a craft fair. Getting the boxes out an discovering things you had forgotten about (of course this might just be me, I am getting very forgetful). Then sorting and, this time, even throwing some things away. That is until I come to pricing - I really find it hard to decide what to charge, I know there are formulae on line but they always end up making things so expensive that I know no one would buy them, particularly at a craft fair where people often just drop in out of interest and don't have vast amounts of cash with them. On the other hand I don't want to make things so cheap that it devalues the amount of time and care that has gone into making them.
Anyway rant over. Here is what has occupied most of my crocheting week.

I feel a bit sorry for the elephant. Although this looks like a mummy pig and her babies -grown up children perhaps, I am about to make some piglets which are even smaller.

Two apparently similar pictures - just to show that all that setting fire to and generally torturing small cuddly animals has been worth it. These pigs and elephants passed all the tests and are now CE marked!

I did make three sets of kitten ears, some tennis balls (spot the odd one out) and two very long daisy chains.

Mainly I have been arriving at the conclusion that it is better to price things so that they sell (fairly quickly) otherwise there would be absolutely no room in my house because of all the crochet.
Hope to see you at the craft fair in Camberley on the 2nd of May 2:30pm to 4:00pm -High Cross Church in Knoll Road. And/or at the May fair in Wokingham on the 4th of May. This one is all day, they close the streets - we really recommend this as a lovely day out for the family.
Lynn and Vicky

Monday, 13 April 2015

A festival of flowers and blankets?

I seem to have had an almost entirely flowery week.
These I made using patterns from Suzann Thompson's book 'Crochet Bouquet'. They were meant to decorate tiny hats but they are much too big so they are looking for a use.

My favourite
                                                                                                                                                                        The petals on the poppy are not really square.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Then with the festival season approaching there are these for your hair.

arty picture showing off my newly scrubbed table.

Attempt to show how hey would look on a head.

Vicky suggested photographing in a group all hanging like this - I hate it when she is right!
Then the vase of flowers is getting bigger - more flowers not bigger vase,

I have done some other things this week mainly finishing projects like these baby blankets. 

I keep trying to improve my photography, here I have taken advantage of the end wall of the garage which has some lovely ivy,
The trouble is the ivy will probably pull the wall down if we leave it or may be it is what is holding the wall up?.

One more thing this week: have you noticed that things made in cotton yarn look crisper and sharper somehow. These cup cakes are made using a pattern by Twinkie Chan and they are a perfect example.

I was going to suggest that you try to spot the cotton cupcake but since it is smaller and in the middle of the picture it is a bit obvious!
Have a good week.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

A Collection of Easter patterns, free basket patterns, free flower pattern.

Here are a few of our Easter and Spring patterns to keep your hook busy over the long weekend.  Some for a few pennies but most for FREE!  Yay for free stuff :)  Oh, and scroll down.  I've saved the best for last.  Happy Easter :)

This one is very recent.  I call these cute but crazy-eyed ducklings "Egg Huggers".  They don't like to share !
Pattern £3 for download

An old favourite for a jumble of Easter favs.  Humpty, an adaptable egg and instructions how to make it into a variety of designs including little mice.
Pattern £1.70 for download

Little Baskets made from upcycled t-shirt yarn (Jersey).
Free Pattern

Really quick one-row patterns for roses (and daisies on the same page)  Pretty!
Free Pattern

My absolute favourite.  A lovely, tiny bunny basket.
Free Pattern