Monday, 16 March 2015

Three ways with bits of yarn, some crochet bees and a free birds nesting bag pattern.

I think all crocheters have a different approach to using up or throwing away tiny bits of yarn:

This is just for illustration purposes and is a very small fraction of the tiny bits of yarn I have been too mean to throw away. I know there are hundreds of patterns for using up yarn and people say make granny squares and bracelets etc. but this is my method:

I have just knotted the yarn together and I am making a circle which will make a really eye-catching throw in about 2045 -I am very easily distracted. It would also make an interesting beret . I may even undo it and start another scarf.

Another thing our family has done for a while is to give the really small bits of yarn to the birds for nesting. Vicky has designed a bag to hold the yarn and will share the pattern soon (I have put the pattern below - Victoria x). Think of all those fledglings with a lovely soft bed.

And another way? I gave Graham some flowers crocheted from very thick yarn and asked him to remove the buttons before I threw them away ( another example of a frugal crafter).  He not only salvaged the buttons but he unspun the yarn and is now in the process of preparing it to be mixed with other fibres before respinning it - clever !

On a completely different subject Vicky has decided that she wants and entirely crocheted garden so I have made a start with the most important part of any garden:

The one with the orange eyes looks as if she is flapping really hard and it is making her eyes bulge. So she has two possible fates; I could make her the sacrificial CE testing bee or I could make her a crown and she could be the queen. Our garden crochet was popular last year so I am planning to make a swarm.for her to be queen of/over?
Anyway I think they are beeutiful.

Bird's Nest Bag Pattern:

DK yarn (I use cotton – but anything will do)
3.5 mm hook
MC – magic circle/magic loop/magic ring
Ch – chain
Tr – treble crochet
Ss – slip stitch
[] – repeat set of instructions within square bracket as indicated
Htr- half treble
Chsp- Chain Space.  A hole in your work made by a chain

1                     Make a MC, ch3 (doesn’t count as a treble), 12tr into MC, pull tight, join with a ss to first tr
2                     1ch, dc in the same place, [ch3, dc in next tr]x11 , 1ch, 1htr, in first dc made this round
3                     1ch, dc in the same chsp, [ch4,dc in next chsp]x11,2ch,1htr in first dc of round
4                     1ch, dc in the same chsp, [ch6,dc in next chsp]x11,3ch,1tr in first dc of round

5 -12                Repeat instruction 4 eight more times

13                   1ch, dc in same chsp, 2dc in same chsp, [1dc in dc, 5dc in chsp]x11, dc in next dc, 3dc in final chsp, join with ss to first dc, finish and hide yarn end.

Cord:  Chain a cord – don’t worry too much about counting but I do 100ch.

Weave chain through final round of chsp and knot very ends of the cord together for hanging.

Fill bag with yarn ends and hang into tree/off bird table.  Don't forget to pull a few threads through the holes to make it easy.


  1. Love your throw beginnings! Fabulous idea!
    Your bees are brill!
    I have seen two yarn nest making facilities today - great minds! I was able to make yours straight away though as I had all the materials! Thank you!! Will be popping it out for the birds tomorrow!
    Love an instant make!
    Ali x

  2. Wow that was quick! Hope the birds are very comfortable.