Monday, 9 March 2015

Purple scarves and free-form crochet.

I have had a scarves week this week. I heard that one of the major race courses (Ascot I think ) wanted to have 1000 purple scarves which they will use for decoration and then auction for charity. So I decided to contribute. This was not entirely charitable because I have been dying to make another free-form.
So first gather together your purple yarn:
 I didn't think of taking this picture until I had finished all of the scarves, so believe it or not this is what is left.

A newish discovery are these shiny, variegated embroidery threads - lovely and sparkly!

The galaxy scarf is what happened.

The trouble is I liked it so much I didn't want to give it away so I made another one. This is just a one treble, one chain mesh with long chains threaded through it. I love the plaid effect - I wonder if I could crochet a kilt?

Having got all the purple yarn out I was on a roll and this is the next one - not quite done yet.

The wavy stem is surface crochet onto a very plain treble background. Then add leaves and flower - still a few more flowers to come.

The other amazing thing that has happened this week is that I have a new craft lamp and I can see to thread needles again and I can work with black yarn, even at night. Isn't technology wonderful?


  1. OOOOh what a fantabulous feast of freeform!
    LOVE love LoVe all your super splendid scarves - so creative (and speedy!!)
    So pleased you are keeping the galaxy scarf - it is really spectacular!
    The plaid one is a delicious design - and what a difference surface crochet makes!
    Brilliant inspiration....
    Yay for technology - and imagination!
    Ali x

  2. Thank you so much . It is not so much that I am speedy but that I have plenty of time to spend on my crochet. I really love being retired

  3. Very beautiful. Oh how I would love a craft lamp!

  4. If I lived nearer I would willingly swap my craft lamp for your eggs and honey. I bought the lamp on ebay. It was cheap but the light bulbs were very expensive but it is really worth it.

  5. Oh.......WOW!!! Love this freeform crochet.......!