Friday, 20 March 2015

Not an Eclipse but a Black Hole and a Little Green Man

I seem to have made lots of things this week but I don't seem to have had a particularly busy week - may be I have started to crochet in my sleep.

If, like me, you are suffering from eclipse disappointment syndrome this might help. Latest book cover with some unintended consequences. The monster coming out of another dimension has warped the space time continuum and the black hole has shifted one of the Earths polar ice caps! For those of you who know about such things I want you to notice that the black hole has an event horizon.

I have shared the green bags before but the brown and blue ones have got a pretty sparkle which you can just see. I am using them for  my WIPs- one bag for each project- it is amazing how much they hold. I will take the sparkly ones to sell at our next show on May 4th in Wokingham.

Vicky has said that the pictures of the bracelets don't do them justice . So since I was feeling good about sparkly bags I thought I would try sparkly jewelry.

But all I succeeded in doing was to make it look as if a bling covered, drunk witch had come to a sticky end in our garden. One of these days I will have photography lessons.

Then I saw a picture of a granny square scarf that was selling for £189 and it was sold out. So here are two  granny square purses to go with the scarf and nowhere near as expensive.

I have noticed that the sun is trying to make up for having gone behind the moon today - I hope it stays that way. Have a good week.


  1. Its amazing to see how far and wide your crochet thoughts venture in a week!
    Love the space cover - you have lots of ideas for people of all interests!
    We, by chance in a cloud free moment, did see the eclipse, however any attempts at recording it visually were unsuccessful!
    Enjoyed your garden photos - especially your inventiveness in the quest for the perfect picture, and the description thereof!
    Brill bags - being a bit of a bag lady I appreciate a good hold-a-lot!
    Looking forward to your next eclectic collection!
    Ali x

  2. Thank you for looking it really makes a difference to know that I am not talking to myself - although I do that anyway!