Friday, 20 February 2015

Crochet in, on and around Portugal

Graham sitting in a yarn bombed tree

Portugal: I love the climate, the beaches. the wine, the oranges and the fish ( especially the sardines ) and the cheap meat and wonderful fresh fruit and vegetables but if  I am honest I love most the total dedication to craft, in particular crochet. In every town there are at least two shops dedicated to yarn and hooks, beads, ribbons and findings. Next time I go I am taking an empty suitcase to fill with cheap and beautiful yarn.

These are more of the trees that had been beautifully dressed in crochet or knitting.

I saw patios hung with flowers made from plastic water bottles and women crocheting or embroidering in the cafes and bars.
Not to be out done when I found that the wine was making red rings on the table I made some coasters:

I made dish cloths to help with the washing up. They were well used as you can see.

When I was finding beach combing difficult because of the wind I made a hair band to keep my hair out of my eyes. I also made bracelets for the daughter of  lady who cleaned our apartment So as you can see I did not forget how to crochet. I  thoroughly recommend the country and the people of Portugal.


  1. Looks like you had a fabulously colourful sunny holiday - glad you viewed and made some beautiful hooked items!
    Don't think I'd be able to resist all those tempting goodies at every turn - certainly extra baggage needed!
    Ali x

  2. I didn't resist - I just left most of my toiletries behind to make space for yarn and beads.