Sunday, 11 January 2015

Three dimensional free form crochet and Ringo

I have more pictures of crochet than I do of my holidays or my grandchildren and one of my secret vices is to look through these pictures occasionally. This time the pictures reminded me of these that I haven't made for ages so I made some more.:

Giant blue bells?

Above cotton and acryllic yarns

Here green acryllic, fine multi-coloured for the flowers and some red buttons. Notice that the weather was so good that I could photograph outside.

Then cotton both fine and double knitting and pipe cleaners for the stems. I think this counts as free form because there is no pattern and because of the variety of materials used?

They are all made using one of those cardboard cones that you get in the middle of large amounts of yarn.

I have cut a slice of the cone using a serrated knife and then crocheted over it. I will show this in detail in a later blog, since the technique can also be used to make cup cakes.

I have also been trying to make a dog coat this week - the coat is not right yet but the dog is so cute I had to show off the pictures. So here is another member of the family patiently wearing one of the sweaters grandma has made for him. Well done Ringo.