Monday, 19 January 2015

Other peoples patterns - bracelets and flowers.

Most of the time I crochet by visualising a shape or a pattern and then trying to make it. Of course, I spend quite a bit of time undoing and trying again but I suppose this is why I like free form. However this week I have been using other peoples patterns and they are very good and easy to follow.

 We go to one summer fayre where there are lots of children who like to buy pretty things and so we try to make small things that they can afford. This is my first attempt at bracelets but they are stiff and difficult to block and what is more I can't get the beads to line up.
 So then I found an article on beading in 'Inside Crochet' magazine ( issue 21) accompanying the article is a pattern for turkish loveknot bracelets. They are lovely and light and flexible and very quick and easy to make, which will keep the costs down.

To be truthful they also use up some of my immense stash of beads which is another huge tick in their favour.

 Then with valentines day in mind I have been having fun making and decorating hearts from a free pattern .

Couldn't decide which picture, neither is of a very high quality.

 I think I have discovered why I like thee hearts - they look just like macarons ( macaroons? ) from the side. The examples below are made from much thicker yarn but the pattern works just as well.

Both of these patterns are excellent. For me, it is not as much fun as making it up as you go along but deciding how to decorate the hearts or which thread and which beads go together for the bracelets is almost as satisfying.


  1. The beaded bracelets look really good, as you say fun and affordable for the pocket money brigade, love a stash buster item too.
    I am not a pattern designer by any stretch of the imagination so for me the fun is tweaking and embellishing.
    Love the hearts
    Helen x

  2. I have just been looking at your beautiful pictures of Wales - my favourite place in the world you are very lucky to live there.
    Thanks for the lovely comments.

  3. The bracelets are amazing. I'm sure lots of people will want to buy one.

  4. I have been looking at your blog and I am amazed at how similar our Christmas trees were - stockings snowflakes and robins that we have crocheted. We also have lots of blackcurrants too, but we make them into a liquer, Thank you for your kind comments.

  5. Brill bracelets - beady bonanza - great for pocket money!
    Hearts are cool too - a plethora of permutations!
    Ali x