Sunday, 25 January 2015

Crochet Bags and Huge amounts of Yarn

One of the things I often mention here is how good our family are at helping Vicky and I in our craft endeavors. Here is yet another example:

Graham bought a 'little bit of yarn' - getting on for 400 balls - so I have been trying it out with a view to writing patterns for kits.

I am pleased with the hat, crocheted as a tube from the top down.

Smallish bag based on a circle of dc and then straight up using trebles.

Same yarn gives a completely different feel when each colour is separated by the cream. Interesting effect created by using half trebles. then using the back loop only and always going in the same direction.
 When I make things by going round and round I always seem to have an ugly seam or the colours don't line up so these flowers are a disguise for the join! The plastic handles were crocheted on.

 Rumour has it that soon shops will not be giving free plastic carrier bags (a move I approve of ), so I have started to make my own version of bags for life. They look quite good and hold quite a lot because of the stretchy nature of crochet. They really need a good firm bottom though ( don't we all?)

 This one is a really good way of using up yarn of all different thicknesses and types. I made it using 5 different balls of fairly fine yarn at once.

I think I might road test this one by taking it on holiday with me for the next few weeks.
Back soon bearing lots of Portuguese wool I expect.