Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Presents, Cosies and Crochet.

Had a lovely Christmas and saw almost all of my close family at some time during the festivities, this of course was the best present but I did have some amazing crochet related gifts.

 Lovely cotton from Graham, as you can see it is already started!
 Vicky and Stu bought me a piercing crochet hook - I tried various materials before settling on felt. I discovered that the little felt heart is perfect for cleaning the screen of my tablet, hence the photograph. I had started making things for valentines day, which is why it is heart shaped but I am not sure people would be exactly delighted to receive a screen cleaner as an expression of undying love?

You might remember these: our famous Ferrero Roche cosies?

I must have made more than 150 including robins, penguins, owls and baubles. Now people have been asking if we can do some for valentines day, mothers day and other celebrations so here are my prototypes.

 My attempt at an artistic picture of almost the whole collection.
 Two with little flowers with sparkly beaded centres and their own little container.

 May be suitable for valentines day? Don't worry I still ate the sugared almonds.
 Mothers day perhaps? The lighter one with the ring on top is made of lovely sparkly yarn, the pink one with the red pom-pom is a bit like a breast - I support women's right to feed their babies anywhere -is there a day for this?
These can be made in any team colours.

Two odd ones. A teddy bear and I think what is called a protea. To be truthful these were not planned they just evolved.

Here I started to make a heart shaped container for the chocolates, but I wasn't happy with it. I am not quite sure how the owl got there but he seems to fit, even if it isn't a beautiful pea-green. Now I am going to set about making him a cat companion.
Happy New Year everyone.
Lynn and Vicky