Sunday, 23 November 2014

Eye Pods, Eye Pads and more.

The eye pads have been very well received by the crochet community so I have made more:

Slightly darker green which  Eye like better than the original frog green. This is definitely a project for those of us with a giant stash. Eye am particularly pleased with this eye - using orange perle embroidery thread adds to the evil feel but I have used variegated 3ply thread in both red and orange, yellow, black and blue cotton 4ply, brown, green and white dk as well as some white sparkly yarn. As I have said before it is almost always the yarn that inspires me so it is obviously essential that I keep vast amounts!

We started this collection with the eye pod key rings:

We the produced the eye pads which are just A5 note books with an unusual front cover. Now acting on advice from Matthew we are proud to present the eye pad mini???

These are A6, I think, so half the size of the original. The red blob was an attempt to crochet a mini but it failed so I have left it out of the second one.

I think we have exhausted the eye pun so here are some sweet little owl pins or brooches to get the horror of the eye pads out of your mind.

I love the way hand made things all have their own character

As soon as I can I will publish how to make some of these eyes and if you want to get started straight away, our guided free form pattern explains how to cover a note book.
Back soon but don't have nightmares


  1. They are fabulous and do make me smile. I love the orange eye but the lazy crocodile/ lizard eye is my favourite-incredible skill yet again Lynn.
    Love your owls with their bead embellishments.
    Eye would love to have a go at making an eye!.

  2. Thank you - after we get the Christmas rush over I or eye am going to try to write patterns for some of the eyes so watch this space.

  3. Eye say! What fabulous designs! Hope they sell in a blink of one, and make you lash-ings of profit!!
    I'll put a lid on the puns now!
    Great owls - I am always amazed at the transformation the plcaement of a pair of peepers makes to the personality of a character!
    Ali x

  4. Sold them all I am now frantically making more for the next fair which is on Saturday!