Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Never throw anything away Christmas Wreath

We are having a new roof, which means scaffolding and builders everywhere. So in order to keep out of the way I am absolutely having to crochet - life's full of these problems!
I have spoken before about not finishing projects, and trying out new ideas both of which produce lots of tiny bits of crochet such as flowers, leaves, squares etc.I have finally found a use for some of these:

It really appeals to me because it is recycling or at least using bits that would otherwise go to waste. I also love freeform crochet and this is very like that. If you look carefully you can spot a tiny tortoise, a bunch of grapes and a butterfly amongst other things

This is a second one in the making, nothing is attached yet, I am just trying out different ways of placing the colours.

Both of the wreaths are based on these florists rings which can be found on ebay.
This is the pile of bits that are still left. Among her many talents my mum made patchwork quilts -I still have one that I can look at and think that was the dress my school uniform was made in, that is the fabric she used to make Vicky her first party dress, so it acts like family history for me. Anyway to get to the point I am thinking I might make the crochet equivalent of a patchwork quilt with all of these leftover bits.

In other crochet news this week: 

 Little hedgehog mittens from a pattern published in Inside Crochet magazine

And finally more red decorations. The little bird is not actually legless, just an unfortunate shadow. Mind you at Christmas I probably will be.