Wednesday, 29 October 2014

More Free Form and Baubles

Another fair at the Queen Anne Hotel in Wokingham this Saturday so I am very busy. The thing we struggle most with is pricing, I know we must cover cost of material but if we also pay ourselves a proper wage we would sell almost nothing because the prices would be so high.
Anyway in spite of sorting and trying to price things I have made a few new things:

This is another note book - a genuine abstract perhaps?

 Some close ups.

If you crochet, especially at Christmas, you will know about that lovely sparkly yarn that is produced as Twilleys Gold Fingering. Well I have found a cheap source on ebay (*bubz*/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=) so as you can imagine I have lots. I decided to use some of it up by covering some baubles. I have to say the pictures do not do justice to the yarn - the grey looking stuff is actually a lovely silver.

Any suggestions for pricing will be gratefully received.


  1. Hi Lynn,
    I am a fan of your free form as you know, it said sea meets clifftops to me, with heather and little wild flowers-lovely.
    Pricing- such a difficult one and a conversation I have with friends all the time when they say-you should sell those or that. I have never sold anything and if I can make it myself I don't buy things either-umm so not much use to you I am afraid.
    Hope the fair goes well for you and they have lots of pennies to spend at your stall.

  2. I am so pleased that with your interpretation of the free-form because that was exactly what I was trying to achieve. Thanks for thinking about pricing but it really is a difficult problem.

  3. OOOOH LoVe LOVE Love your freeform piece - beautiful colours and textures and fab waves rippling on the beach! An amazing slice of atmospheric scenery....
    ...and such an interesting contrast to your sparkly matthematical baubles - I admire your ability to switch between the two!
    Hope all went well at the fair and you hit the right spot price wise so you sold plenty!
    Ali x

  4. Thanks again for your kind words. I am going to try some more commercial type free form after I have finished replenishing stock to replace things we sold - yes we did- sell that is.